Holistic Health Myths

  1. Holistic practices aren’t sustainable. From plant-based diets to meditation, people who are unfamiliar with holistic health practices and their benefits can be quick to critique them as fads or quick fixes that don’t last. The truth is, the long-term, positive results are well-documented and clear.  
  2. My mental health doesn’t impact my physical well-being. This one is just patently untrue. Mental and physical health are inextricably connected. From the release of endorphins during exercise to increased levels of depression in people with chronic illness, Western science backs up the connection.
  3. Holistic healthcare is too expensive. In fact, natural care can save you money, both immediately and over time. By proactively focusing on your wellness, you can prevent many illnesses and the costly treatment associated with them. Furthermore, you can detect conditions early to resolve them more quickly.